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Powered with multi-channels

All our business packages use all relevant digital communication channels - email, text, audio, social media, chat and native mobile application.

Offered with extreme care

Our packages are executed with products operated by people with extreme care and attention to bring the needed results.

Easy To Use

The packages are well defined and transparent about their objectives and results.

Data > Information > Intelligence

Our packages are built on data driven techniques,leading to useful information. Precise business decisions are recommended based on the intelligence from this information.

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Reputation Defender

This package focuses on defending the online reputation of the signed up client. SocialNetGate will use content marketing, digital connection and related tasks to keep the online reputation of the client’s business.

Once signed up, SocialNetGate will perform a baseline analysis which will take search engine rankings, review site (such as Yelp, Kayak etc) comments and define a starting score. Based on the nature of the current reputation, SocialNetGate will create a specific, target plan to defend the reputation of the client. Weekly reports will be made available. 5×24 email and chat support is available to the signed up clients of the package.

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Search Engine Optimizer (aka SEO)

This package focuses on making sure the signed up business has the best web presence with relevant, ongoing updated content as well as be the place to receive support from business.

Once signed up, SocialNetGate will have a dedicated website powered by WordPress with connected social media profiles and a chat plugin deployed. The website will be promoted using search engine optimization techniques to get the best discovery. 5×24 support will be provided by email and by SocialNetGate.

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Any additional information needed for the signed up packages will be collected and the work will be kicked off. You will receive periodic reports by email, chat or even voice calls.

Longer, lasting results

The work we do has long lasting impact for your business.

Smart Content

The Content we create are intuitively smart and organized in a way to provide best results.

Proven workflow

Our techniques use workflow and carefully execute them every step of the way.

No long term commitment

Though you save on annualized payment for our service, you may also choose for month-to-month commitment with no long term commitment

Quality links

The links we create at web assets are of high quality and they get the results quickly.

Effective new media

Powered by new media tools such as text, voice, chat and social media, our use of new media will guarantee to bring results.